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Hi, I am Dave Ivanov

Vocalist for several heavy metal bands over 30 years in Germany.

Since 1990 professional editor for the heavy metal scene. Working for magazines like Headbangers Ball, Horror Infernal, Ablaze, Gothic, Legacy, Black Mass, Slam.

I am a proud father of two lovely kids Tiamat and Liam.

I’m also promoting and booking bands and building up events and concerts, also at own venues. Working as a discjockey for all kind of venues and parties throughout the years in the metal scene.


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Nine 8 One

Pay The Price

Progressive Hardrock/Metal - 2019


Blood, Passion & Rock'n'Roll

Hard'n'Heavy/Metal - 2021


Against Everyone

Heavy/Speed/Thrash/Reallity Metal - 2013


In 2008 I joined Transnight and became the singer of a notable band of the Northern Ruhrgebiet that moved to Tromsø in Norway for a while. Due to our live performance we present a mixture of melodic heavy metal parts, combined with shredding trash metal riffs.

This band already released a few albums like „The Dark Half“ (2011). Latest release was „The Big Rip“ in 2012 and an EP in the following year.


Scharfrichter is an underground-institution for more than 20 years in the Ruhrpott music scene. The style of this band’s music includes Punk Rock and Metal
with NDH influences and German flippant lyrics.

The official band history has ended mainly because of my hard work with many projects. Anyway there might be still a chance to reunite this band
for shows or party reasons.


Sideproject des ungarischen Ausnahmemusikers Tamas Angyan (Mamut, Cool Head Klan, 1. Violinist der Recklinghausener Symphoniker) und Metalsänger Dave Ivanov (Transnight, Crossbow, Scharfrichter) seit 2004.
War es früher ein reines Studio-Projekt, begibt man sich mit den neuen Songs, die 2013 entstanden sind, und einigen gemeinsamen Klassikern seitdem auf die Bühnenbretter und das erste Album “Blood, Passion & Rock’n’Roll” wurde 2021 über Rockwerk Records veröffentlicht und man arbeitet bereits an einem Nachfolger.

Have you ever heard about the biggest rock export from Ireland – Thin Lizzy?

After using different vocalists and members since the 90’s this combo selected me as their vocalist and gave the sound of the rock legend around Phil Lynott a newer and heavier outfit. Also with the kilos on stage we called ourselves big instead of thin.

Many shows were played and the people seem to love it, so get yourself ready for a night to „Jailbreak“ when „The Boys Are Back In Town“.

Due to my career I went through some bands. My latest band I´m involved in is called NINE 8 ONE from Lüdenscheid, Germany. Finally moved to Dortmund now. According to not being officially announced yet to the public and to the band’s way of media presentation, they released a beautiful first teaser to excite the viewers and listeners a bit more. But tracks have already been recorded and shows have been played. It’s just a change in the line-up.



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